We have unique services to offer our clients. The highlights in the kind of services that have pushed us to grow include:

Numerous affiliates: We have numerous affiliates in the name of lenders whom we work with. These lenders are carefully vetted to find the best lenders who have great offers for clients. We thus link our clients to relevant lenders who are in a position to offer what you need.

Low interest rates: Regimentra Loans goes for lenders that are able to offer borrowers low interest rates depending on the loans selected. It is vital for clients to keep in mind that the rates offered for unsecured and secured loans usually differ. We however have gone to great lengths to get the lenders with the best rates on all kinds of loans

Automated services: We have developed a system that enables our clients make online searches for the best services available. Our clients can carry out searches for their ideal lenders through our automated lender finder. It is quite simple to use even for first time borrowers.

Fast services: Regimentra Loans offer nothing but fast services. Our aim is to ensure efficiency. Fast services are always available when it comes to finding a suitable lender and also when it comes to accessing the loans. We are also quick in responding to client inquiries to ensure that they have sufficient information in good time.

High approval rates: Regimentra Loans has high loan approval rates. Our terms are flexible and we also pick lenders whose loan offer terms are flexible. This has enabled many of our users to be able to access loans with ease through our site. It is only on a few cases where potential lender shows inability to pay where the loan applications are declined.

Heightened listening: Regimentra Loans staff have learnt that the key to success is in listening to clients needs. We offer a listening ear to all our clients have to say before talking. This helps build better relations with clients and also to provide exactly what the clients need. It also helps the clients open up more when they feel we are willing to consider what they have to say.