Have a bad credit rating? Finding it difficult to get a loan? You have landed on the ideal site that will help you compare loans from numerous financiers that offer bad credit rating loans. Regimentra Loans understands that having a bad credit rating can be quite costly when you want to get a loan from any financier. However, we have made arrangements that will ensure that eligible people who have a bad credit rating are able to access decent loans through sites like Passion Finance Whether you have CJJ, defaulted in a loan, are bankrupt, or had arrears on your loan, this is the company for you. We are able to link you to lenders who have the best deals for individuals with bad credit rating. You no longer have to worry that your loan would be declined as it was with other lenders.

What are bad credit loans?

Bad credit loans are financial obligations lent to borrowers who have a bad credit rating. Borrowers who have a bad credit rating are individuals who had debt obligations but were incapable of paying the debts as the terms of repayment stipulated. The difficulty in repaying the loan is usually a case of financial difficulties in the past. The lapse in repayment of the loan is usually reported to the credit bureau thus the generation of a bad credit rating based on the repayment report. The bad credit rating history identifies these individuals are risky borrowers.

Regimentra Loans gives bad credit borrowers the ability to access loans based on their current financial disposition. These borrowers have to show that they are in a position to repay the loan fully before their application is considered. They are usually first accorded smaller loan amounts to help them repay the amount, then the amount is increased on every subsequent loan if the previous one was paid well. They also get a chance to improve their credit rating through the loans offered. This usually happens if they manage to pay back the loan as required.

Loans for all

We are not discriminative in the loans we have to offer as other companies like Debt Advisory do. As long as you show the ability to repay, we will help you access the money that you need. Our loan offers are available for homeowners, tenants, employed, and self employed individuals. The loans are made available in amounts ranging from £1,000 to £5, 000. The loan repayment period is flexible allowing individual periods of 3 to 25 years to repay the loan. Depending on an individual’s level of income, it is possible to select a repayment period that will allow you to submit installments that are affordable.

Finding the right financier

Finding the right financier is quite easy. Depending on your needs, you can easily find a lender that offers just what you need. We have a form available that is able to help you find the right lender. Fill in the details required on the form provided to help you find the right loan. This form works in similar ways like that in www.money.co.uk/. The form will help you get access to lenders ranging from banks to societies and a variety of other financial institutions willing to offer the loan amount that you need.


Regimentra Loans offering alternatives to those in need of bad credit loans is not a ticket for reckless use of money. We like our borrowers to know that loans should be paid back. Taking a loan should be because there is need for the money and there is a way to pay back the loan. Those who choose to use their homes to secure bad credit loans should keep in mind that failure to pay back the loan may lead to their losing of the home. The same applies to any other form of security used to secure bad credit loans.